Buying and Running an Electric Car

Weds 8 December

Photos by myenergi on Unsplash

A survey of 1,731 UK drivers commissioned by The Motor Ombudsman found that 61 per cent of respondents are contemplating getting behind the wheel of an electric car – either new or used – in 2022.”  From This Money, Oct 14th 2021   

If you are thinking 2022 is the year for you to venture electric, this is the talk for you. Common issues people want to know more about are:

  • Is there really enough charging infrastructure to make this practical?
  • Aren’t they awfully expensive?  Are there any grants?
  • Should I buy or lease? Second hand or new?
  • What sort of range can I really expect from electric cars?
  • What if I can’t have a charger at home?

Speaker: Steve Forster

With over 250,000 miles driven in electric cars, Steve is well-placed to talk us through these practicalities and many more.

Steve is a County Councillor with Hampshire County Council and is the Executive Member for Commercial Strategy, Estates and Property.

Steve has been driving EVs as his preferred transport for almost 10 years and 1/4million miles, following many years as a ‘petrolhead’. His roles in the EV space include include working with Osprey Charging Network, as well as advising government and public sector on EV trends and infrastructure. He also helps with myth busting to correct the fake news about EVs, helping people choose what’s right for them.

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