Reflections on… series

Small group discussions to be held shortly (usually the following Wednesday) after an event to enable deeper reflection on its content and how we can make use of what we have learned.

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  • To continue the conversation and discussion after the talk and so continue to engage with the subject
  • To share out what the main “take-away” messages were for you. 
  • To encourage and enable wider sharing of the knowledge gained.

Proposed format:

  • 4-5 invited participants which includes a Speak Up volunteer who facilitates.
  • Recorded – but allow participants to say hello to each other and settle in a little before starting recording.
  • Recording goes up on YouTube unless any participant asks for it not to be shown
  • Conversational style discussion
  • Stick to 3 or 4 questions which each participant answers
  • Encourage cross-participant discussion
  • When it’s done – stop recording and allow 2-3 mins for everyone to say how they think it went but no prolonged discussion.
  • Spirit of the session is positive encouragement of each other to take positive actions to help the environment rather than to critique the delivery style of the speakers.

Example questions

  1. What was the biggest “take-away” message for you?
  2. What are you going to do differently – or are you considering doing differently?
  3. What more info/help, if any, do you need to get started?
  4. What other “green” practices do you try/do in this area that you’d like to pass on?

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