Food: a Global Problem with Local Solutions

Dr Christian Reynolds is Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Food Policy, City University, London.

Christian is recognised as a global expert on food loss and waste and sustainable diets. He has worked on these issues in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the UK, US, and Europe. Christian also researches sustainable cookery; food history; and the political power of food in international relations.

Christian gave an interesting overview about the impact on carbon emissions of food: how it is produced and how much is wasted. He mentioned several sources of information including the National Food Strategy recommendations which were published last year. We will put links and further information up here shortly.

The carbon profile of food is a complicated subject because, for example, how damaging it is to eat beef depends on how and where the cattle are raised, and the carbon emissions of a potato depend on how you cook it. Christian gave us some simple actions to take away, and a catchy phrase:

  1. Check the temperature of your fridge. If it is 5 deg. C or above reduce it to 4 deg. Your food will last longer and you will waste less.
  2. Switch to a renewable energy supplier.

Good for you is good for the planet too

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