Tips from Fast Fashion talk

Powerpoint presentation available by email on request. Contact NGOs that are working with the fashion industry to improve practices, supply chains, working conditions etc. Remake gives scores to brands so you can find the best and the worst. They also campaign, make films, run workshops etc Fashion Revolution is action oriented, encouraging you toContinue reading “Tips from Fast Fashion talk”

What can I do about… speaking out?

You recognise that we are using the earth’s resources faster than they can be replenished, and you want us all to take action. It’s not easy and none of us can wave a magic wand. None of us can solve the planet’s problems on our own – but together we can do so much! TalkContinue reading “What can I do about… speaking out?”

What can I do about… plastic & waste?

We heard from Marine plastics expert Emily Stevenson on 25 November 2020 about microplastics in the sea and the importance of re-using and refusing plastic. Daniel Castle spoke on 20 January 2021 about re-using plastic bottles, how some alternatives to plastic are not necessarily as green as you might imagine Click on the links forContinue reading “What can I do about… plastic & waste?”

What can I do about… food & agriculture?

Shop local – and notice where the food you buy comes from Eat less meat and dairy. Look into alternative milks and cheeses, and experiment with vegetarian food. There is no reason why it can’t be delicious – you just need to find out how to get the flavours you want. We are working onContinue reading “What can I do about… food & agriculture?”

What can I do about… wildlife & nature?

We have had talks about penguins, bees, trees and the wildlife on your doorstep. Click on any of these links to go to details about the speaker and a link to the video on Youtube. Each speaker has suggestions for what you can do: go for a local walk and take your time to noticeContinue reading “What can I do about… wildlife & nature?”

What can I do… about clothes and shopping

When you need to buy something, how do you know where to buy it from? Which suppliers are ethical, which ones say they are and which don’t even try? Here are some suggestions – but please send us your ideas. The talk “The Truth behind Fast Fashion” by Daphne Biliouri-Grant on 24 March revealed justContinue reading “What can I do… about clothes and shopping”