Zero Emissions by 2050: the Big Picture

Weds 17 November 2021 7.30pm

How can we reach zero emissions by 2050 using only the energy and technology that will be available in time?

The UK has set ambitious targets to decarbonise over the next few decades. The proposed solutions are even more ambitious, perhaps unrealistic. UK FIRES is trying to reduce the risk of missing our emission targets by mapping out a route to zero emissions using the technology we already have (sadly this includes neither Carbon Capture and Storage nor an unlimited supply of zero emission energy). We call this approach ‘Absolute Zero’. In this talk, Dr Pippa Horton will explain some of the implications of Absolute Zero, exploring the opportunities in:

  • reducing the demand for energy in our buildings
  • creating a transport system with a limited energy budget
  • building a zero emission society with a limited supply of materials
  • making new products without manufacturing emissions

Speaker: Dr Pippa Horton

Dr Pippa Horton is business manager to the UK FIRES programme, where she co-ordinates the industrial consortium and leads outward facing activities with industry, NGOs and Government. She worked for three years for Jaguar Land Rover, before completing a PhD with Professor Julian Allwood, exploring opportunities to reduce the 50% of their sheet metal purchasing which is currently scrapped, mainly as trimming waste. Pilot studies of her work demonstrated multi-million pound savings. Within UK FIRES, Dr Horton has brought in several new subscribing partners to the industrial consortium, and is supporting commercialisation activities which bridge the gap between academic studies and reality.

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