What is a Pocket Forest (and why do we need them)?

May 2023 Speaker: Catherine Cleary Catherine is an award winning writer and journalist who co-founded Pocket Forests as a social enterprise with event expert Ashe Conrad Jones in 2020. We reuse urban waste to regenerate soil and grow native trees and shrubs in small spaces to help people to reconnect with nature and find resilienceContinue reading “What is a Pocket Forest (and why do we need them)?”

Pack with Care!

29 March 2023 The Speaker – Fiona Thompson Fiona is a senior sustainability consultant, with specific expertise in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) compliance and packaging recyclability across the UK & Europe. Within her role at Ricardo, Fiona explores alternative packaging materials, considering their environmental impacts and supports clients to achieve their sustainable packaging targets. SheContinue reading “Pack with Care!”

Small Steps, Big Impact: The Journey to a Greenr Business

March 2023 As part of our determination this year to be positive and look at some exciting initiatives that have grown out of the climate crisis, our first talk of 2023 introduced Greenr. This is an enterprise that sees the need for small businesses to be able to track their carbon emissions accurately and relatively simply.Continue reading “Small Steps, Big Impact: The Journey to a Greenr Business”

From Surviving to Thriving

7 December 2022 Dr Dominic Walker Analyst in energy and the Net Zero transition at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, helping to decarbonise the UK energy system ahead of Net Zero by 2050. His PhD explored the role of art in communicating science and environmental change through institutions, culture and society. HeContinue reading “From Surviving to Thriving”

Don’t Chuck it Out!

16 November 2022 In this lively discussion, we learned from people with experience of repair cafes and scrap stores; vital, sociable projects which bring communities together and keep stuff out of landfill! To watch the recording on YouTube, click the link above. Links shared during the talk are below, but if you know of anythingContinue reading “Don’t Chuck it Out!”

Rubbish is a Resource!

See Watch Video button below for recording of this event The Speaker Rubbish Ideas is a UK-based sustainable design consultancy which designs, makes, and sells only products and services which support the circular economy Connor Bryant is a circular economy entrepreneur, campaigner, and speaker. He co-founded Rubbish Ideas and is CEO of The Rubbish Project,Continue reading “Rubbish is a Resource!”

Greener, Cheaper Energy from Smart Technology

See past events page The Speaker Phil Steele Future Technologies Evangelist at Octopus Energy Phil is instrumental in driving innovation in areas such as tariffs that vary to reflect demand, export tariffs, Smart Energy connected products and services, and grant funded R&D projects. He previously launched and ran his own Intelligent Smart Home platform, nCubeContinue reading “Greener, Cheaper Energy from Smart Technology”

A Future with Hydrogen

Talk took place in June 2022 Tim Podesta is a subject matter expert and active advisor in project management and investment analysis, with deep experience of the oil, gas, petrochemical and energy industries. He is currently an independent consultant and Faculty member of the World Hydrogen Leaders Academy delivering training in the subject of HydrogenContinue reading “A Future with Hydrogen”