COP26 and You

This talk took place on Weds 28 April 2021. This is a summary of the contents and links referred to by the speakers.

World leaders are coming to Glasgow this November to agree and accelerate action on the Paris Agreement in which nearly 200 countries agreed to take action to limit global warming to well below 2°C.

Robert Youngberg

slide deck & notes

It all began with the Rio Earth Summit in 1992; then The Paris Agreement brought 195 nations together at COP21 in 2016 – and COP26 is their next meeting.

Features include individual countries’ domestic contributions, a commitment to the needs of the least developed countries and the 17 sustainable goals of the United Nations Environment Programme.

What is it like to be there? Hard to get into the main conference hall, set up for thousands of delegates. Only one-third of the attendees are official country representatives – the rest are NGOs (where all the networking and interesting discussions happen according to Robert). Country exhibitions open 18 hours a day.

What can you do?

Recommended Browsing and Reading:

  • “Will China Save the Planet?” A book by Barbara Finamore
  • Cool graphs and interactive comparison tables
  • Climate Change Performance Index
  • Solutions, organisations, partnerships, news and events all in one place

Nessy Haines-Matos

slide deck & notes

The CEE bill is the result of an alliance of NGOs and scientists and is supported by 108 MPs. It is a radical, non-partisan, democratic framework of principles which calls for action on the climate and ecological emergency within a short timeframe. A Citizens’ Assembly will be central to developing the strategy. The bill’s two objectives put nature and climate change together because they exist in synergy. The bill is waiting for its second reading in parliament.

What can you do?

Read the campaign guide, take some action and tell us about it!

Recommended Browsing and Reading: all about the bill, its supporters, and news and events surrounding it.

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