COP26 and You

Weds 28 April 2021 7.30pm

World leaders are coming to Glasgow this November to agree and accelerate action on the Paris Agreement in which nearly 200 countries agreed to take action to limit global warming to well below 2°C.

What is it all about? Who will be there? How can I show my support? This two-speaker talk will provide information about this important event in good time for you to get involved in some of the campaigns and events surrounding it.

Robert Youngberg is the President and Founder of Sustainable Development International – consulting on national and international renewable energy and environmental development projects.

He is based in Denver, Colorado, USA and was the Observer Delegate at COP25 for the International Solar Energy Society

Nessy Haines-Matos is a core member of the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill CEE Bill Alliance, coordinating and contributing to its secondary research, content writing and academic film output. She has been responsible for coordinating expert contributors on the drafting of both the current and revised CEE Bill.

She will add a specific UK focus to the evening, and suggest some ways to get our voices heard.

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