Energy Efficient Homes

What are the choices?

Weds 12 May 7.30pm

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Speaker: David Hilton

David has been the Sustainable building Expert at Grand Designs live exhibitions for 10 years, writes for Homebuilding and Renovating magazine, is a member of the Gloucester Design review panel, often presents CPDs and courses, and is a guest speaker at the National Selfbuild & Renovation Centre

Date ? May 2021

Loft insulation is just the beginning. Our speaker, David Hilton is an authority in sustainable building and energy efficiency, with extensive knowledge in building fabrics, heating systems, heat recovery ventilation, emerging technologies and renewables.

David works with architects and house builders and designs and project manages appropriate performance technologies and heating systems to achieve the healthiest outcome for every home, energy efficiently and cost effectively.

Maybe you have an old house that leaks, or are thinking about renovation or buying a new house – come and find out what your options are wherever you are starting from.

This talk combines well with Environment Grants 7 April

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