Small Steps, Big Impact: The Journey to a Greenr Business

March 2023 As part of our determination this year to be positive and look at some exciting initiatives that have grown out of the climate crisis, our first talk of 2023 introduced Greenr. This is an enterprise that sees the need for small businesses to be able to track their carbon emissions accurately and relatively simply.Continue reading “Small Steps, Big Impact: The Journey to a Greenr Business”

Africa: Where Climate Change Hits Harder

Talk took place in April 2022 Malin Rosenkvist is an international development expert and passionate advocate for gender equality. She has a degree in International Politics and Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. As the Director of Fundraising and Communications at MicroLoan Foundation, Malin is working to alleviate povertyContinue reading “Africa: Where Climate Change Hits Harder”

Food: a Global Problem with Local Solutions

Dr Christian Reynolds is Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Food Policy, City University, London. Christian is recognised as a global expert on food loss and waste and sustainable diets. He has worked on these issues in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the UK, US, and Europe. Christian also researches sustainable cookery; food history; and theContinue reading “Food: a Global Problem with Local Solutions”

Zero Emissions by 2050: the Big Picture

Weds 17 November 2021 How can we reach zero emissions by 2050 using only the energy and technology that will be available in time? Speaker: Dr Pippa Horton Dr Pippa Horton is business manager to the UK FIRES programme, where she co-ordinates the industrial consortium and leads outward facing activities with industry, NGOs and Government.Continue reading “Zero Emissions by 2050: the Big Picture”