What is a Pocket Forest (and why do we need them)?

May 2023

Native species we plant

Speaker: Catherine Cleary

Catherine is an award winning writer and journalist who co-founded Pocket Forests as a social enterprise with event expert Ashe Conrad Jones in 2020. We reuse urban waste to regenerate soil and grow native trees and shrubs in small spaces to help people to reconnect with nature and find resilience and abundance.  

The Talk

Catherine explained how she and her colleagues make forests in spaces as small as half a tennis court. It’s their special method of growing biodiverse forests in little urban spaces. It’s good for wildlife and is an excellent tool for teaching people about soil, native trees, insects and how relevant all of this is to our lives.

Catherine is a passionate and engaging speaker, and answered lots of questions about how she finds spaces; how quickly the little forests establish themselves; how little maintenance they need and what kinds of trees to select.

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