The Transition Network

April 2023

Speaker: Rob Hopkins Co-founder of Transition Network and of Transition Town Totnes. We are delighted that such a creative and talented speaker is joining us at Speak up for our Planet.

About Rob Hopkins

He has spoken at TED Global and several TEDx events, and appeared in the French film phenomenon ‘Demain‘. He is a Director of Totnes Community Development Society and of New Lion Brewery. He is an Honorary Citizen of Liège in Belgium.


From What If to What Next


The Transition Handbook‘

‘From What Is to What If: unleashing the power of imagination to create the future we want’.

The Talk

Rob spoke with enormous passion and enthusiasm about Transition Network – a movement of communities coming together since 2005 to reimagine and rebuild our world. Community-led Transition groups are working for a low-carbon, socially just future with resilient communities, more active participation in society, and a caring culture focused on supporting each other.

Rob told many totally different stories about how groups of people have kicked off projects that benefit and involve their communities. I strongly recommend that you watch the video on YouTube – it is the only way to understand the genuinely innovative mind of this man and what happens when he gets involved!

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