Pack with Care!

Wednesday 29 March 2023 7.30pm

The Speaker – Fiona Thompson

Fiona is a senior sustainability consultant, with specific expertise in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) compliance and packaging recyclability across the UK & Europe.

Within her role at Ricardo, Fiona explores alternative packaging materials, considering their environmental impacts and supports clients to achieve their sustainable packaging targets. She also provides technical expertise to Ricardo’s audit team for the On-Pack Recycling Label system in the UK.

The Talk

Fiona will bring us up to date with where the responsibility for sustainable packaging lies, the latest trends and how we can make sense of the labelling. She will tell us some stories about developments in the beauty and food and drink sectors, and take questions.

Overview of Packaging Regulations

Extended Producer Responsibility regulations and upcoming changes

  • UK (2023 – 2027 time line of regulation implementation)
  • Europe & global overview of packaging EPR

Labelling requirements and consistent collection regulations

  • On-Pack Recycling Labelling system – what different recycling labels mean
  • What commonly used packaging symbols mean (eg Tidyman, Mobius Loop & Green Dot)

Sustainable Packaging Tends

An insight into trends to make packaging more sustainable (for example re-use/re-fillable and compostable solutions) and the importance of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in decisions when changing packaging materials and formats.

Case studies (focused on beauty, food and drink sectors)

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