Small Steps, Big Impact: The Journey to a Greenr Business

March 2023

As part of our determination this year to be positive and look at some exciting initiatives that have grown out of the climate crisis, our first talk of 2023 introduced Greenr. This is an enterprise that sees the need for small businesses to be able to track their carbon emissions accurately and relatively simply. What gets measured gets done, and the Greenr app allows business leaders to see where their emissions come from and therefore how to concentrate efforts on reducing the most important ones.

We heard from three extremely knowledgeable and passionate people about the impact their initiative is having and how carefully they vet any recommendations for offsetting. They handled a wide range of questions seamlessly, leaving the audience impressed and definitely better informed. Watch the full talk by clicking the Watch on YouTube button above.

You can download the free app for individuals here

The speakers were:

Dr Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte

CEO and co-founder.

Gabrielle is an entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability. She invented a novel technology in Silicon Solar Cells during her PhD in Climate Change & Solar Photovoltaics from Oxford University

Amelia Lucas

Business growth & outreach.

Amelia has vast experience in sustainability marketing having worked to promote the circular economy.

Poppy Barr

Climate Analyst intern.

Poppy is a passionate climate environmentalist who has worked in research and social media management

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