Rubbish is a Resource!

Wednesday 12 October 7.30pm

The Speaker

Rubbish Ideas is a UK-based sustainable design consultancy which designs, makes, and sells only products and services which support the circular economy

Connor Bryant

is a circular economy entrepreneur, campaigner, and speaker. He co-founded Rubbish Ideas and is CEO of The Rubbish Project, and as the names suggest both companies are focused on creating a rubbish (waste) free world.

The Rubbish Project is a Belgium-based company working with the major producers and consumers of disposable single-use packaging to re-design their business model and create a closed-loop system for packaging

The Talk

Connor will share his knowledge and experience of the circular economy:

  • The principles of the circular economy, and how it contrasts with the linear economy we are used to.
  • His personal experience of running a business based on waste-free, closed loop supply chains
  • How we can support the companies that recycle, and buy the right stuff

Connor is particularly keen to answer questions and have discussions based on what interests you, the audience. So please, ask away!

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