Don’t Chuck it Out!

16 November 2022

Photo by elnaz asadi on Unsplash

In this lively discussion, we learned from people with experience of repair cafes and scrap stores; vital, sociable projects which bring communities together and keep stuff out of landfill! To watch the recording on YouTube, click the link above.

Links shared during the talk are below, but if you know of anything else that belongs on this page, please let us know on


Refresh: in the Chiltern Shopping Centre, High Wycombe near the back door to Primark

The Restart Project

News, stories and international links with repair cafes and similar

Unbroken Solutions


For electronic devices, up to 75% of the energy usage is in manufacturing it, before you even open the box and charge it.  It is a similar story for TVs, computers, games consoles, speakers and other electronic devices.

for more information, stories and inspiration about the importance of repair and reuse, check out this website

Community Repair Network

This site is strongly recommended for newish and start-up repair cafes. Lots of shared experience. How to find a group, how to set one up and lots more.

The Fixing Factory

Places emphasis on teaching repair skills

Who was there?

Paul Tanner describes himself as a jack of all trades. He volunteers as a repairer at both Chesham and Amersham Repair cafes working mainly on electrical items.

Matt Funnell is one of the founders of the Chesham Repair cafe

Mark Phillips is a photographer who believes repair and reuse are essential and can speak about what more we can do – with support. Unbroken solutions, above, is his website.

Jenny Mason is one of the founders of Godalming Repair Cafe.

Helen Burtt who is a founder of WRAP (see below)

Nagjyoti Bollapragada from India who has pictures of how repair cafes work there.

WRAP at Watford Watford Recycling Arts Project, or WRAP, is one of the loosely connected collection of scrap stores up and down the country, and  internationally, that make clean commercial waste and individual donations available to their membership for art and practical purposes. 

Repair Cafes

These are popping up all over the place – the list below is just the ones that you have been in touch to tell us about so far… Typically they are open one Saturday a month – but they would no doubt increase this if they could get more volunteers, free premises and so on. There is much to explore and discuss.

Amersham; Chesham; Godalming; Dorking; Reigate; Sutton


Unbroken: Repair is Essential This website is full of stories, links, ideas and facts about the repair movement.

Community Repair Network All about the UK network of voluntary, community based repair groups and networks. This includes Repair Cafes, Restart Parties, Share & Repair.

The Restart Project: helps people learn how to repair their broken electronics, and rethink how they consume them in the first place. The website shows upcoming events and lists London repair businesses.

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