Greener, Cheaper Energy from Smart Technology

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The Speaker

Phil Steele

Future Technologies Evangelist at Octopus Energy

Phil is instrumental in driving innovation in areas such as tariffs that vary to reflect demand, export tariffs, Smart Energy connected products and services, and grant funded R&D projects.

He previously launched and ran his own Intelligent Smart Home platform, nCube which is now a part of Octopus Energy Group. nCube is a pioneer in Internet Of Things (IOT) platform development, with award-winning tech that acts as a bridge to connect IOT devices.
Octopus Energy is using this energy technology (Entech) to drive the smart grid, with more automation for customers and closer integration between smart meters and energy consuming devices. For example – enabling us to save money by running washing machines and charging cars at night when energy is in less demand.

The Talk

Phil spoke about the many tariffs, some experimental, Octopus has introduced that encourage and enable customers to use energy when it is plentiful.

He introduced us to an intriguing array of alternative methods of saving energy, heating water and heating our homes, all of which exist now. Phil also explained how electricity we generate (using solar panels or while charging a car) can be sold back to the grid.

He fielded many questions about storage, tariffs, the wholesale price of energy, home appliances and the supply of rare minerals. To find out more about the Octopus Agile tariff which he mentioned, see

All of this is available on YouTube using the Watch Video button above.

You can read lots of interesting stuff he didn’t have time to talk about on Phil’s blog He has posted reviews of Government papers, discussions about heat pumps and plenty more.

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