A Future with Hydrogen

Talk took place in June 2022

Tim Podesta

Tim Podesta is a subject matter expert and active advisor in project management and investment analysis, with deep experience of the oil, gas, petrochemical and energy industries. He is currently an independent consultant and Faculty member of the World Hydrogen Leaders Academy delivering training in the subject of Hydrogen Investment and Projects.

He has extensive experience of developing and delivering impactful training during a 35 year career at BP.

The Talk

What is really going on in the growing hydrogen industry? What is the difference between blue and green hydrogen and how are they being produced and used now? What is hydrogen best suited for? For example, are hydrogen powered cars a realistic possibility and if so, when do we expect to see them on our streets? Could hydrogen have a role in domestic heating?

Tim explained how hydrogen is all around us and can be used as fuel, sometimes mixed with other gases. It is storable and transportable but needs infrastructure that is not widely developed. It is more likely to become economically feasible for HGVs than for private cars in the short term. In other words… watch this space, hydrogen power is coming but it is not part of the life of the average consumer yet.

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