Cook and Eat Sustainably

Food is love made visible

Weds 18 May 2022 7.30pm

Photo by Victoria Shes on Unsplash

We all eat and many of us cook, so this will be a discussion where we share ideas, stories and tips. It will be led by Indian cook, Shally Bhalla who will show us how cook healthy meals and save energy at the same time.

As a bonus she has offered to do a live cookery demonstration during the talk! Too bad we won’t be able to taste the results!

Shally Bhalla

Shally is from Buckinghamshire, and provides cookery classes to both adults and teens. She specialises in Indian and Middle Eastern food, and offers the Indian food experience in a fun and friendly environment.

As a single mother with a hectic career, her priority has always been to put nourishing homemade meals on the family dinner table every day (with the occasional indulgence of course!)

Agenda for the talk

Part One

  • Cooking that helps the environment and saves you money
  • Importance of fruit and veg over meats
  • Cookery demo runner beans and potatoes

Questions and discussion

Part Two

  • Lentils and dry pulses
  • Batch cooking
  • Make your kitchen more sustainable

Questions and discussion

Runner beans and potatoes – the end result

Shally is passionate about food and says she wishes that she had “a detachable stomach” so she could eat whatever she wants. She loves teaching how “food is really love served on the table!” and looks forward to sharing this journey with you.

Please invite anyone you think will be interested, particularly if they are a keen cook and will enjoy contributing to the discussion.

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