Tips from Fast Fashion talk

A great way to make sure you are buying from ethical suppliers (not just for clothes) is to subscribe to Ethical Consumer magazine

Here are their highest rated clothing companies.

NGOs that are working with the fashion industry to improve practices, supply chains, working conditions etc.

  • Remake gives scores to brands so you can find the best and the worst. They also campaign, make films, run workshops etc
  • Fashion Revolution is action oriented, encouraging you to join campaigns and be heard.
  • Eco-Age works primarily with businesses in fashion helping them to adopt sustainable practices
  • Redress is a human rights organisation, seeking justice for refugees, torture survivors and workers in sweat shops

Recycling and buying second hand

The best charity shops to use are Oxfam and British Heart Foundation. Many of the others send a high proportion of the clothes they receive to landfill.

Swap shops

  • Vinted “Sell the clothes that have more to give”. Basically ebay for clothes – You provide pictures and description of the garment you want to sell
  • Thrift+ “Our mission is to use technology to help charities to serve the next generation of donors and shoppers”. Well over a hundred brands listed.
  • Depop “Community-powered fashion ecosystem that’s kinder on the planet and kinder to people”. Work with creatives to make new from old.
  • Re-fashion 1000s of pre-loved bargains. Shop by size, brand etc.
  • Wearecow “independent vintage clothing and accessories retailer offering a sustainable alternative to fast fashion, with five stores across the UK and worldwide shipping from our website”.
  • hardlyeverwornit High end designer garments second hand. A Gucci top for only £355!
  • One Scoop Store The ethos at One Scoop Store is all about sustainability and reducing textile waste. Select by women or men and then type of garment. All sizes shown.

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