Decarbonising Transport

Are electric cars the way forward?

Weds 16 June 2021 7.30pm

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Speaker: Christoph Domke

Christoph is a Senior Director and Clean and Smart Mobility Lead at FTI Consulting in London. He has more than 13 years’ experience advising companies and senior executives in the automotive, logistics, supplier, technology and energy industries.

He has a deep understanding of emerging technologies in the transport industry with a passion for cleaner, sustainable and more efficient movement of goods and people. He has particular expertise in electric, hydrogen and natural gas powered commercial vehicles.

Before joining FTI Consulting, Christoph was a Director at KPMG and founding member of their global Mobility 2030 team. Christoph is a regular speaker and panel moderator at global conferences and client events and contributes to business and industry press.

Christoph provided an introduction to the issue of decarbonising transport, addressing questions such as: why it is important and what is currently driving it. He explained the technologies such as electricity and hydrogen with their pros and cons and looked at the key obstacles to progress. He implored us all to try new technologies – test drive an electric car!

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