The Green Electricity Revolution

How you can become an Active Energy Citizen

Weds 13 October 2021 7.30 pm

Clare Duffy

As part of the senior leadership team in ESB Networks, the Irish electricity grid owner, Clare is fully engaged in Ireland’s Climate Action Plan, including their transition to a lower carbon energy system. She is accountable for enabling the electrification of heat and transport initiatives, including investment to cater for increased uptake of electric cars and domestic heat pumps.

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In the very near future, electricity will become even more essential for heating and running our homes and for transport. How will we generate enough?

New technologies include:

  • Self-generation technologies, such as solar panels
  • The Internet of Things and smart meters that connect sensors in the home to the grid allowing customers to understand and reduce their energy use.
  • Batteries and electric vehicles that are opening up the potential of electricity storage to allow electricity networks to use more renewable generation.

In her talk, Clare will introduce the concept of an active energy citizen – someone who alters their behaviour to reduce their carbon footprint and have a beneficial impact on the electricity network. She will offer suggestions on how you can work with your family and community towards becoming an active energy citizen.

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