Speak up for our Planet

Launch Webinar 23 September 2020 7.30pm

Where are we now and what do we need to do next? Hear from the experts about the practical difference every one of us needs to make if we want to preserve our planet for the next generations.

Photo by Andrew Mckie on Pexels.com

Introduction Richard Roy, Event Moderator

1. Our First and Opening Speaker: What is the problem with the Environment?

Opening the speaking is a man who is on the front line of Environmental Issues. Giving us the inside track at a very high level, on the key environmental problems facing us, the likely impact of these challenges and an insight into the scope of the problem and the reasons for urgency in our response.

Bob Ward

2. What is corporate/government thinking and action on the Environment?

Why Climate Change is the perfect risk and why all governments and companies will have to take action to mitigate its impact.

Martin Sutton

  • Director of Risk and Assurance for over a decade in companies as diverse as Camelot, operator of the National Lottery, De La Rue Plc, and now with Spire Healthcare Plc.
  • Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (England & Wales) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
  • Interest in climate change began in the late 1980s when he came across glacial retreat in Canada and Alaska. Living in Malaysia in the late 1990s he saw large scale deforestation.
  • He has now a professional interest as Risk Managers are having to advise their Boards on the implications of climate change, and guide disclosures to their shareholders.

3. Environmental Visions v. Factual Reality

Governments and Corporations often like to ‘green wash’ their credentials. However that doesn’t always match the reality of their actions. What should we be looking out for in terms of the ‘green washing’ that is taking place, how do we call it out for what it is?

Valerie Cameron B.A. Biochem., M. App. Sci., M Acup

  • CMIR Chinese Medicine Institute and Register, BAF British Acupuncture Federation,  
  • AHPRA: Australian Health Profession Regulation Agency
  • AACMA: Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association

A biochemist with wide experience of corporate life who saw the effects of bird flu and ebola while working in a clinic in China. Now retired, Valerie uses her training and experience in science, health and reading scientific papers to understand climate change and to learn of its far reaching effects on the living world.

4. What can we do to help the environment?

Paul Imre

Paul has agreed to research and speak on the issue of the kind of action we in this country can take in order to reduce our negative impact on the Environment and to support larger, genuine environmental initiatives in order to maximise our positive impact. In other words, he’s agreed to doing the leg work for the rest of us.

5. Panel Discussion 20 minutes (with questions from individuals via moderator)

Conclusions and close Richard Roy

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