David Attenborough

The father of all wonderful BBC nature documentaries. We all know his programmes but there are two in particular that it is your responsibility to watch at least once!

Climate Change: The Facts

Extinction: The Facts

Cassie Flynn

Climate Change Advisor at the United Nations who speaks to world leaders and audiences large and small about what we can do to make a stronger planet, people and economy.

She has a relaxed style and a down to earth attitude about how to get people to pay attention to the issues.

Emily Stevenson

A young guardian of beaches, marine biologist and enemy of litter. She is our speaker on plastic pollution on

Weds 25 November

Joni Mitchell

Environmental activism is not new. A fifteen minute radio documentary about her songs and her sadness about how we are treating the planet.

Kate Raworth

Read about her and doughnut economics – it makes so much sense! She is an economist and her revolutionary way of looking at our addiction to growth is addictive. Ted talk here.

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