Buying Habits

Here’s an easy way to check the ethical credentials of products you buy (from toothpaste to coffee machines) or the companies you buy from (from Boots to British Gas). Sign up for the Ethical Consumer magazine. A sort of green Which? There is a subscription fee to fund all the extensive research they do – but it’s an interesting website even if you don’t sign up. Such a simple way to polish your halo!

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Fruit and vegetables

Your local greengrocer may be making a special effort to use as little plastic packaging as possible. Talk to them about making it a reason to buy from them instead of the supermarket. You can pour apples, potatoes and carrots into your reusable shopping bag loose.

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We buy far more new clothes than we need. They are often made by people with appalling working conditions. Why not buy from a charity shop? Why not alter something in your wardrobe that you don’t like any more?

Tips about where to buy pre-loved clothes

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Disposable or reusable?

Some of the items we have always bought in a disposable form are now available as reusables. Cotton buds and sanitary towels are examples. Google it!

Do you have your milk delivered in glass bottles? Do you make your own yogurt and sparkling water?

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