Penguins in peril

Wednesday 21 October 2020 7.30pm

Photo by David Dibert on

Speaker: Jacqui Hogan DTM Toastmaster

Everyone loves Penguins! Cute, funny and very engaging. But they are becoming rarer and some species are nearing extinction. Although most people think they mainly live in the Antarctic, they actually live all over the Southern Hemisphere. My talk will tell you more about these fascinating creatures and the dangers they face.

I’m also going to talk about another creature at the other end of the world that is in even more danger – the Polar Bear. While Penguins may have a few more years, the Polar Bear does not. Its usual environment has already almost gone and they are likely to be completely extinct within 15 years if we don’t do something urgently. Let’s make sure we don’t  risk losing Penguins too.

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