Green Investing Webinar

Wednesday 10 February 2021 7.30-8.45pm

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The webinar is intended for pension holders and investors who care about the planet. You want to invest responsibly but may not be sure about how to go about it while also earning the income you need.

Speaker 1

Sam Todd, St James’s Place

Why choose green investments?

  • The power of finance industry to bring about positive change
  • The power of investors who care what their money is funding
  • The growth in the sustainable sector and why it makes sense financially as well as being an ethical choice.

A Practical Guide to managing a sustainable investment portfolio

  • Setting financial and sustainability priorities and goals 
  • A methodology for picking stocks and funds with strong sustainability credentials 
  • Tips, tricks and potholes – including a practical jargon-buster and how to spot greenwashing 

Speaker 3:

Joanna Coull, Financial Planner specialising in Impact Investing

Do you want to go the extra mile?

  • Challenging assumptions
  • Finding banks, ISAs and pension funds with a positive impact
  • Trends and success stories


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